Camping Albufeira

Camping Albufeira is situated 1.5 km from Albufeira, Algarve,  Portugal. It has mobile homes, bungalows, three swimming pools one of which for children, is near the beaches, considered campsite 4 stars.

Near one of the best known and busiest cities in the Algarve, Faro district. It is a campsite awarded 4 stars, and uses credit cards and ATM, and is open throughout the year.

For those who want to enjoy an outdoor environment, more convenient, the Camping Albufeira has mobile homes, where they all have a small garden and garden furniture, being composed of a bedroom with double bed and another with two single beds. It is not allowed to have installation of tents in the area of mobile homes. This is indeed a convenient way of finding the conveniences of home in a camping environment, since all rooms are equipped with bed linen, as well as the bathroom is with towels, and kitchenette has all the kitchen utensils. To complete the well-being, the mobile homes have linen change weekly, and the necessary air conditioning.

Another alternative is the famous Bungalows, built in wood, with the same conditions and equipment that the mobile homes. However, the bungalows are next to the camping area and have no garden, they are in contact with other campers.

The Camping Albufeira is ideal for those with children, as they rave about the excellent three pools (two for adults and one for children) you will encounter, in the midst of spacious and comfortable booths. There are many other services that have not been forgotten in the Camping Albufeira, including self-service restaurant, bar, supermarket, tennis courts, hot showers, game room, playground, ATM, washing machine, safe, animation, bike rental, disco, camper service area, several parks and lawns. For those who want to enjoy a beautiful beach day, you have to travel about 5 km, and you will find diverse and magnificent beaches.

The Camping Albufeira, is accessible to all nationals or foreigners, may be required by National or Camping Card International Camping Card.

The Camping Albufeira has to offer the following services and options:

  • shadow
  • mail
  • phone
  • washing dishes
  • Sink (hot water and / or cold)
  • washing clothes
  • Car Wash
  • Chemical dump
  • supermarket
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • gas
  • safe
  • Disabled toilet
  • First Aid Station
  • playground
  • Playing Field
  • pools
  • Electricity for tent
  • electricity caravan
  • Shower (hot and / or cold)
  • Tennis Court

Near the Camping Albufeira can find:

  • beach
  • bus
  • train
  • Rental Bikes
  • Washing Machines
  • fuel

We highlight the proximity of the main beaches, lying close to the beaches:

  •     Beach da Gale Eastern
  •     Beach Açoteias
  •     Beach da Oura East
  •     Beach Manuel Lourenco
  •     Beach dos Salgados
  •     Beach da Gale West
  •     Castelo Beach
  •     Beach do Evaristo
  •     Beach Bunny
  •     São Rafael beach
  •     Beach Peneco
  •     Fisherman’s Beach
  •     Inatel Beach
  •     Beach Aveiros
  •     Praia da Oura
  •     Praia de Santa Eulalia
  •     Maria Luisa Beach
  •     Beach Eye Water
  •     Beach Belharucas
  •     Falesia Beach
  •     Beach Rocha Eastern Shorty
  •     Beach Rocha Shorty West
  •     German Beach
  •     Beach Tomatoes
  •     Beach Watch
  •     Tunnel Beach
  •     Beach Old Well
  •     Beach Arrifes

If you need information contact the campsite using the contacts below.

For more information can consult the Camping Albufeira in

Location map of the Camping Albufeira

(Automatic translation, original text in Portuguese)

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