Camping Toca da Raposa

The Camping Toca da Raposa, is located in the center of Portugal, in the foothills of the Serra da Estrela, in the municipality of Oliveira do Hospital, between the villages of Santa Eulalia, Lagares da Beira and Meruje. This is the place to be in contact with nature and enjoy the beautiful river beaches of the river Alva site.

Here you can enjoy various activities such as performing hiking, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, kayaking among many others.

For the camper who wants to visit the Camping Toca da Raposa, here are its features:

  • Pool
  • Toilet
  • Bar with Wi-Fi
  • Restaurant
  • Exotic Terrace
  • Football Field
  • Playground
  • Park with shadows
  • Rental tents equipped
  • Rental cabins
  • Rental caravans
  • Picnic
  • Badminton
  • Ping Pong

Once installed on Camping Toca da Raposa, should enjoy getting to know the following locations:

  • Medieval Village Meruge
  • Village Lagares da Beira
  • Serra da Estrela
  • Serra do Acor
  • Sierra Caramulo
  • Rio Mondego
  • Rio Alva
  • Rio Zêzere
  • River beaches and natural pools in Oliveira do Hospital and Seia
  • River Beach Loriga (Seia)
  • River Beach Lapa Money
  • Cascade CANICA
  • S. Romão
  • River Beach Sandomil
  • River Beach Caldas de S. Paulo
  • River Beach Grandfather
  • River Beach S. Sebastião da Feira (Rio Alva)
  • Praia Fluvial Floodplain of Alvoco (Rio Alvoco)
  • Coimbra
  • Viseu
  • Piodão
  • Linhares
  • Covilha
  • Tower
  • Vide
  • Oliveira do Hospital
  • Monsanto

The contacts of Camping Toca da Raposa are:

  • Address: Camping Toca da Raposa – 3405-351 Meruge – Oliveira do Hospital – Portugal
  • Telephone:(00351) 238 601 547 / 926 704 218
  • Email:
  • Site:

Camping Toca da Raposa – Location map of the camping

If you need information contact the campsite using the contacts above.

(Automatic translation, original text in Portuguese)

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