Campsite Meda

With a fenced area of ??7020.77 m2, the campsite of Meda, is inserted in the unforgettable landscape feature near the Douro River.

A 5 km from Meda, and 25 km from Porto, the campsite of Meda may be the ideal place for a vacation well spent. This is the only campsite in the municipality of Gondomar.

Ricks is a small village with around 3000 inhabitants and a very rural landscape.

The Camping of Meda presents the following conditions:

  • Bar
  • Possibility of kayaking
  • Rental caravans
  • Bus station
  • Disco
  • Dishwasher
  • Lava feet
  • Gas
  • Many shadows
  • Washing machines
  • First aid station
  • Possibility of fishing
  • Tobacco shop
  • Snack Bar
  • Room convivio
  • Sockets
  • Public telephone
  • Area for vehicle washing
  • Post office
  • Multipurpose field
  • Service station for motorhomes
  • Washbasins with hot water
  • Park with alveoli
  • Pool
  • Park along the water
  • Playroom
  • Restaurant
  • Natural shadows
  • Solo lawn
  • Ironing Boards
  • Sockets for caravans and tent
  • Tennis
  • Picnic area

After settling in Campsite of Meda should take the opportunity to get to know the following venues and festivals:

  • River Beach in Porto Foz do Sousa
  • Praia da Lomba
  • Calvary Garden
  • Gazebo Monte Castro
  • Beach of St. Cosme in Gondomar
  • Beach Zebreiros
  • Beach Marecos
  • Gazebo Monte Castro
  • Solar House Montezelo
  • Feast of St. Blaise
  • Train Station Rio Tinto
  • Immaculate Heart of Jesus
  • Feast of St. Elizabeth
  • Festa de São Gonçalo
  • Divine Savior
  • Feast of Our Lady of Fatima
  • St. John the Baptist
  • Santa Cruz
  • Pilgrimage to the High Palace
  • Feast of St. Anthony
  • Feast of Our Lady of Canas
  • Feast of the Lord
  • Feast of the Lord Sunday
  • Divine Savior
  • Party in Honor of Santa Iria
  • Pilgrimage of Saint Benedict of Pears
  • Church Museum Gondomar
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies Watchtower in Gondomar
  • Mother Church of Foz do Sousa in Gondomar
  • Church of Melres in Gondomar
  • St. Anthony’s Church in Lomba
  • Church of Monastery
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Lapa
  • Chapel of Our Lady Mother of Men in San Cosme
  • Chapel Santa Iria
  • Church of Saints Cosmas
  • Chapel of Santa Iria in Brazelo
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Affliction in Brazelo
  • Festivities in honor of St. Anthony of Corim
  • Gallery Place in Design Foundation Júlio Resende
  • Festivities in honor of St. Anthony of Corim
  • White House
  • Chapel of Saint Cosme in San Isidro
  • Chapel of St. James in Melres
  • Pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Rosary
  • Feasts of Nuts
  • São Brás Chapel in Mount Baguim
  • Calvary Chapel in Cimo de Vila

The contacts Camping Meda are:

  • Address: Av. Professor Adriano Vasco Rodrigues 6430 Mêda
  • Telephone: +351 925 480 500 / +351 279 883 270
  • Email:
  • Website:

Campsite Meda – Location map of the camping

If you need information contact the campsite using the contacts above.

(Automatic translation, original text in Portuguese)

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