Campsite Praia da Saúde (Costa da Caparica)

The campground Praia da Saúde is located in Costa da Caparica, Almada municipality 15 km from Lisbon, and belongs to the Camping Club of the Municipality of Almada. Its location is very privileged, with direct access to area beaches, which are quite nice for surfing and bodyboarding.

The campground Praia da Saúde has to offer to those who visit, the following conditions:

  • Bar
  • natural shadows
  • Multipurpose field
  • Shop / supermarket
  • Park with alveoli
  • playground
  • pool
  • Restaurant
  • Meeting room / conference
  • Room socializing
  • Playroom
  • Snack Bar
  • Tennis Court

The beaches are close by Campsite Praia da Saúde, are diverse:

  • Beach Land Coast – South
  • Beach Morena
  • Beach da Mata
  • New Wave Beach
  • Beach das Acacias – South
  • Beach da Rainha
  • Beach do Castelo
  • Beach do Infante
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Cornelia Beach
  • Beach Land Coast
  • Beach Bridge
  • Beach das Acacias – North
  • Tropical Beach
  • Nightingale
  • Beach Princess
  • Beach Dunes
  • Turtle Beach
  • Beach Terminus
  • American Beach
  • Beach Center
  • Beach Ramp
  • New Beach
  • Beach Bladder
  • Beach Paradise
  • Beach Village Costa
  • Sunrise Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Beach do Sol
  • Beach Park
  • Beach Conch
  • Inatel Beach
  • Beach Camping Club of Lisbon
  • Playa de San Juan de Caparica – South
  • Beach Albatross
  • Kontiki Beach
  • Beach Calaia
  • new Beach
  • Beach Fireplace
  • Of Pools Beach
  • Southeastern beach
  • Beach Fears
  • Beach Tile Source

There are several places to visit in the area of ??Campsite Praia da Saúde:

  • Garden of Quinta de Nossa Senhora da Conceição
  • Jardins da Quinta de São Lourenço
  • Fossil Cliffs Protected Landscape of Costa de Caparica
  • Viewpoint of the Shrine of Christ the King
  • Botanic Gardens Around the House – Floor of the Arts
  • Panoramic Elevator Beam Wind
  • Gazebo Pier Ginjal
  • Viewpoint Capuchin
  • Garden River
  • Garden Doctor Alberto Araújo
  • Urban Park Commander Julio Ferraz
  • Urban Park Almada / Peace Park
  • Solar dos Zagallos
  • Church of Santiago
  • New Church of Almada
  • Municipal Art Gallery
  • Quinta de San Francisco de Borja
  • Quinta de Nossa Senhora da Conceição
  • Almadarte Gallery
  • Artevídio
  • Around the House – Centre for Contemporary Art
  • St. James Gallery
  • Quinta de Santo António da Bela Vista

The festivities in the zone, are quite pleasant events:

  • festivities
  • Pilgrimage of the party and Ramalha
  • Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Good Success
  • Popular Saints
  • St. John
  • Almada Theatre Festival
  • Pubs and donkey rides

If you need information contact the campsite using the contacts below.

The contacts of the Campsite Praia da Saúde, are:

  • Address: Praia da Saúde – Almada – 2825-412 Caparica – Almada
  • Telephone:(+351)212 902 941l
  • E-mail:
  • website:
  • GPS Coordenates : lat: 38º 37′ 59″ N long: 8º 53′ 05″ W

Campsite Praia da Saúde (Costa da Caparica) – Location map of the camping

(Automatic translation, original text in Portuguese)

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