Quinta Pomarinho in Castelo de Vide

Quinta do Pomarinho in Castelo de Vide, Portugal, is a fifth Park Camping and Leisure located in Alentejo, the Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede, right next to Spain. Ideal for those who enjoy biking, walking, nature lovers and culture, artist and for those who like peace.

Quinta do Pomarinho has to offer to stay, camping, apartments and rooms. And how fun is hiking group and individual courses in Portuguese language programs, extreme sports and creative activities such as sculpture and modeling.

In the fifth spans 25 acres of pasture, olive groves and assembled and atravesa a river, and is practiced biological culture, making it ideal for Rural Tourism.

Quinta do Pomarinho has to offer as accommodation:

  • House of Friends of Nature there are 3 double bedrooms and a four-person
  • 2 apartments and a holiday home to Round House with capacity for a group of 16 to 20 people
  • rural campsite for tents, caravans or campers with a natural ground for camping, with camping conditions for long-term, 10 acres with excellent sanitary conditions.
  • Rental caravans.

The activities at Quinta do Pomarinho are:

  • Walk
  • Cycling, cycling in own or rented
  • Relax
  • Outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, horse riding and tennis
  • Nature and culture
  • Tasks on the farm where they can help in agriculture, technical knowledge, water management, plant maintenance, picking olives in the preparation of jams, cutting hedges and grass, helping in the garden, watering, painting, carpentry and cleaning.

Who comes to know Quinta do Pomarinho in Castelo de Vide, should take the opportunity to know:

  • Viewpoint of Cipresteiro
  • Viewpoint of the Chapel of Our Lady of Penha
  • Viewpoint Penedo Monteiro – Castelo de Vide
  • Viewpoint of the Watchtower
  • Dam Póvoa and Meadas
  • João José da Luz Parque in Castelo de Vide
  • Church of Our Lady of Joy
  • Yellow House
  • Pillory
  • Town Hall
  • House Arçário
  • City Hall
  • Church of Santa Maria da Devesa
  • Jewry of Castelo de Vide
  • Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Penha
  • House in New Street
  • Castle Castelo de Vide Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Light
  • Feast of Our Lady of Grace
  • Castelo de Vide
  • Anta Tapada Pero d’Alva
  • Anta’s House Galhardos
  • Anta’s Coutada of Alcogulo
  • Stakes of the Lowland Tapir
  • Library of Castelo de Vide
  • Church of Greater Santiago
  • Menhir of skein
  • Megalithic Necropolis of Coureleiros
  • Anta II of Coureleiros
  • Anta Melriça
  • Anta’s Ship Crane
  • Menhir Carvalhal
  • Anta Source Mouratão
  • Feast of St. Margaret
  • Carnival Slapstick
  • Passover

If you need information contact the campsite using the contacts below.

The contacts of Quinta do Pomarinho, Castelo de Vide (Portalegre) are:

  • Address: Quinta do Pomarinho EN 246 km 16,5 Castelo de Vide – Portalegre
  • Phone: 00351 965 755 341
  • Email: info@pomarinho.com
  • GPS coordinates: N 39° 23’ 53” W 7° 29’ 14”
  • Website: http://www.pomarinho.com

Quinta do Pomarinho, Castelo de Vide (Portalegre) – Location map of the camping

(Automatic translation, original text in Portuguese)

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