Rural Campsite Naturrosa

The Camping Rural Naturrosa, is relatively small, but very cozy, located in the village of Ventosa, in Lafões region, and is surrounded by the Serra da Estrela, Serra do Caramulo Freita Serra and Serra da Arada. The city of Viseu is located near the park, roughly 15 minutes away.

Lafões is located in the region of Beira Central, and throughout your county there are traces of Neolithic populations.

The Camping Rural Naturrosa, is a quiet place that gives you direct contact with nature, and very interesting, too, is the direct contact with the world that exists in rural area. There is a village about 500 meters, where you can find small markets and cafes typical of these lands.

The Camping Rural Naturrosa has to offer to its visitors, the following conditions:

  • Room socializing with TV
  • pool
  • Dishwasher
  • grills
  • Pinhal

After settling in Camping Rural Naturrosa, should seize the opportunity to get to know the following locations:

  • Village Vouzela
  • Ruins of Castle Vilharigues
  • Viewpoint of Our Lady of the Castle
  • Tower Alcofra Sierra Caramulo
  • Church of Santa Maria
  • Termas de Sao Pedro do Sul
  • Saw St. Macarius
  • Church of São Pedro do Sul
  • Church of St. Anthony
  • Church of San Francisco
  • Church of São Pedro do Sul
  • Church of St. Sebastian
  • Dolmen antelas in Oliveira de Friars

The contacts Camping Rural Naturrosa are:

  • Address: Camping Rural Naturrosa – Earthy, Sacorelhe – 3670-221 Ventosa, Vouzela, Portugal.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 351963093342
  • WebSite:
  • GPS: N 40.42.01, W 008.04.37

Camping Rural Naturrosa – Location map of the camping

If you need information contact the campsite using the contacts above.

(Automatic translation, original text in Portuguese)

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